Established in 2019, ILLICT ATTIRE is an urban street menswear brand based in the South of Spain, created by Dutch designer Rosanne Van Beek.
The idea of the brand was born during a time that the designer spent travelling and living across various parts of the world. During her travels, Rosanne realised that in many places, there is a gap in menswear fashion regarding middle-high quality wear. 
She then got the inspiration to create ILLICT ATTIRE, an urban streetwear brand, consisting of unique and high quality products, for an affordable cost, that can be worn both day and night.


From a culture of individuality, ILLICT ATTIRE operates on imagination, individuality, authenticity & Impact and our philosophy is pretty simple; Good quality, great fit and authenticity. 
Our brand culture and philosophy also inspired the brand name ILLICT, a word we created to encompass all these characteristics. 
All designs are designed through the eyes of young women for men with style and passion for attire. We are mostly inspired by world cultures and events and this is where refined styles, prints, and innovative shapes come together. 
Fashion is one of the most powerful and expressive arts there is, and at ILLICT ATTIRE we want every individual that purchases and wears our attire to feel a sense of empowerment and fierceness whenever they put on our garments. 
Each piece is carefully designed and crafted, and made to adorn your body type to give you the ability to express your PASSION FOR ATTIRE.  

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